Little Beagles Tennis Program

(Ages 3 - 5) 

Session Dates

Session 1:

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Session 3:

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Session 5:

Little Tennis Beagles


Time:  3:15 pm to 4 pm

 Monday and or Wed

(Red Ball Ages 3-5)

Pricing for 4 Week Session

1 Day Per Week - $99 (member)
- $120 (guest)

2 Days Per Week - $185 (member)
- $225 (guest)


Our goal is to get your child active and for them to develop a love for the sport of tennis.  Behaviors and habits formed in pre-school years are instrumental in setting the stage for a healthy lifestyle as they mature and grow!


Little Beagles I (Ages 4 & 5)

Emphasis - Teaching your child the basic athletic skills including catching, receiving, balance, spatial awareness and of course tennis skills.

Movement Skills - Jumping, hopping, lateral movement.

Life Skills - Cooperation, honesty, communication/ listening skills.

Little Beagles II (Ages 4 & 5)

Emphasis - Athletic skill development and fundamental tennis skills.  Beginning match play skills including rallying and serving.

Movement Skills - Split step and lateral movement.

Life Skills - Listening and cooperation skills with coaches and teammates.

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Start your child in a game for life!

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