The Junior Programs at JL Tennis at Creekside Club in Mt Pleasant, SC, are designed to introduce/advance player's tennis knowledge & skills from Beginners to Elite Athletes. Our youngest players, approximately 3 years old, aka The Little Tennis Beagles are geared to learning the lifetime sport of tennis in a fun and rewarding way! The Little Beagles through The Alpha Dogs, around 8 years old, have their own learning environment housed on 5 courts called The Dog Pound.

The remaining courts are dedicated a minimum of 2 hours daily to the more advanced Juniors, taking their tennis to the next levels. These Junior Programs are grouped according to each player's skill and individual goals. JL Tennis,Creekside, is unique in that even though the children practice at different levels, possibly with different goals, they are a TEAM. Being a TEAM, JL Tennis, Creekside, the coaching staff builds winners on the court and adds great leaders to the community focusing on the importance of each athlete to be an all around good citizen.

The different skill levels, ages, and tennis exposure of Junior Team members often intermingle, with the better players helping the newer ones. There is a fluid "Rising through the Ranks" that always keep the children/young adults challenged and motivated. The more experienced gain as much as the lesser ones do in life lessons and other intangible ways.

"You will not see a Junior Elite Athlete at JL Tennis Creekside snub another player coming up the ranks or a mid level player look down upon a Little Tennis Beagle. Instead, watch the encouraging word, a high five, or a bit of advice. When your child comes to JL Tennis, Creekside to master the game, go on to play Division One College tennis, the International Pro League, play for their High School, or play for fun, they will also master the art of kindness and giving back. That is what makes us a family, and impossible to leave!"

(843) 810-5487

790 Creekside Dr, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464, USA

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